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V K MEDICAL CENTRE (Diagnostic Centre Audiometry Uroflowmetry
SemenCASA TMT USG SCAN Doppler Scan Echo X RAY ECG PFT )

About Us

V K Medical Centre has established in 1990 the aim of providing high-quality diagnostic service to Chennai.Our center is a prime example of a world-class independent diagnostic facility in India with more than a decade of experience in providing quality laboratory services and performing several tests each day.


At Mission of V.K.Medical Centre Laboratory, our goal is to serve you and your family with the expertise and personal attention that you expect from mission health. With locally based customer service, we make every visit as convenient as possible. Getting a lab appointment in your busy schedule can be difficult. So, we do provide a Lab Express, where we come home and do the test and issue the result later.


V K Medical Centre  laboratory was created to Increase the Spectrum Coverage and overall efficiency of laboratory testing in every Region by  implementing international Best practice Reference laboratory Process to set a new benchmark for quality standard.


EXCELLENCE : In technology and consultative services.
CARING : By all staff for those we serve.
INTEGRITY : In our interactions with customers, colleagues, and ourselves.
COLLABORATION : Between all stakeholders to ensure collective wisdom and knowledge.
CULTURAL SENSITIVITY : Value and respect our patients, staff, and visitors regardless of cultural background, race, gender, religion or disability.

What We Do Now

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Our pathology lab around the city conducts all kinds tests to diagnose all diseases and disorders.

diagnostic centres in anna nagar chennai


Digital x ray Produce 80 % less radiation than ordinary X Rays , Digital radiographic image instantly Comes on Computer.

diagnostic centres in anna nagar chennai


An electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) records the electrical signal from the heart to check for different heart conditions

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Providing health care services means "the timely use of personal health services to achieve the best possible health outcomes".

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